1.Register your account

2.Login to your account

3.Place your order and mention trail in the description area

4.Wait few hours

5.As soon as your order get digitized check the digital image and pay using any feasible method.

6.Download your design without any further delay

Best Of Us!

We are offering fantastic premium service for you.To take the benefit of the premium services, order your trail.To order your trail, you have to sign up for our digitizing company website.For this, the registration form is available, fill the fields with the required data and submit the form.Once you are registered to the site, you can now log in by providing the username and the password at the site.Now, place the order and mention the trail in the description area and submit the design.After the order is placed, you have to wait for few hours after sending your design to us.Our skilled professionals will work on it. After the design is digitized; it is sent back to the client for the consideration.You will get the email from us as soon as your design is ready.The usual time for digitizing the design is from 6 hours to 8 hours. We are offering the free trial service for seven thousand stitches, but if the stitches are exceeded than seven thousand, you will get charged only for the exceeded number of stitches.For example, if your order has 8000 stitches, you have to pay only for the exceeded 100 stitches.Credit cards or any other personal details are not required for premium digitizing trial.