Our digitizing company is putting forth best quality digitizing services in the USA. We have delegated proficient digitizers which are knowledgeable about their fields of digitizing. We comprehend that the fundamental part of subterranean insect digitizing company is it’s alluring and all around situated custom logo embroidery. We are putting forth distinctive sorts of digitizing services that are as per the following




Embroidery Digitizing Services

Embroidery digitizing is an influential component of textile industry. Embroidery digitizing has been revolutionized ever since the use of computer in textile industry. The rapid growth in textile industry has also resulted in speedy development and boost of embroidery digitizing.  Every day new norms are becoming industry norms, replacing the older. While the presence of specialized and powerful software has enabled the digitization process of sophisticated artworks, which few years back were considered impossible.

Embroidery digitizing is enabling textile industrialist and designers to further their business with machine designed embroidery digitization. These designs are trustworthy and free from any human error. The embroidery digitization performed by our expert digitizers is delicate, all-inclusive and there is no skip – even of a single stitch.

Expertise to Execution

At Finest Digitizing, we are equipped with some of the latest and most powerful software and highly trained digitizers to accomplish any and all embroidery digitization task assigned to us. All you need to do is to send us your desired artwork in any of the numerous accepted photo formats. The artwork shouldn’t be pixilated and all picture components including colors and attributes should be clear so as to get the best possible embroidery digitization services. Our core principal remains focused to provide our valued customers with best and highest standard embroidery digitization services at affordable pricing.

Our preferred format for artwork is .jpg. This is because this format is compatible with every software and has the right depth to exhibit true colors. Furthermore, .jpg format is also preferred as it takes less memory than some of the other formats. However, we accept all other formats as well and you can send us any format you currently possess.


Embroidery digitized files created by Finest Digitizing are smart enough to differentiate between varying patterns and colors. All our transformed designs are master crafted to perfection with surgeon’s precision by our expert digitizers. Each and every aspect of artwork provided by clients are thoroughly analyzed by attributes and patterns before initiation of digitizing process. Once the embroidery digitizing file is completed, it can be inserted into machine to order commands to it.

At the heart of our work is our highly talented and professional digitizers who are passionate about their work. Our embroidery digitizing files can only be edited by our experts – ensuring the supreme security and toughness of work. Our commitment to every project lasts till the very last change order by client and we ensure that final file in every possible way is in compliance with our client’s aspirations.

Expertise to Execution

Competitive Pricing

What really differentiate us from other embroidery digitizing agencies is that we aren’t only providing the best and most vocal services to our clients, but rather we are also providing services at amazingly nominal pricing. We are charging most competitive prices and are proud to offer our services for small and new entrepreneurs. Our turnaround time is faster than any other embroidery digitizing Services Company you will ever work with. Our administration, customer service and technical staff is gracious and welcoming to your aspirations, queries and recommendations. All projects are delivered within given time frame with no room for any flaws.

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