Embroidery in itself is a beautiful and sensual artwork when done in 2D sense. In the past few years, embroidery digitizing has gain tremendous acceptance and market across the world. The technology has been undergoing fast evolution to accommodate ever new techniques and designs that suits better to all segments of market. 3D puff digitizing is just another punch for embroidery digitizing services that further enhance the appeal and feel of embroidery many folds. Initially, 3D embroidery digitization gets its prominence for caps and some other sports based logos. However, today the technique has widely been used to variety of accessories including purses, shirts, jackets, pouches, bags, trousers and other garments in order to meet the satisfaction and liking of consumers.  

3D Puff Digitizing

Finest Digitizing offer pure 3D puff digitizing services for overall design or alternatively in juxtaposition with more traditional form of 2D embroidery digitizing that portray different definition and levels within the design, focusing on explicit facet that puff out the concluded design. The process is somewhat similar to traditional 2D digitization where the digitizer carve out an embroidery border to be fill up with 3D foam (on element which needed to be puff out). Other than this, the remaining process in carried out in a similar pattern like a normal embroidery process.

Trust the Experts

Our expert and highly experienced digitizers are more than capable of transforming even the most complex of designs into an exquisite 3D puff Embroidery digitization design. Each and every order is processed with utmost care with complete consideration for customers’ expectations and aspirations. You have complete choice to finalize the element which you want to stand out in 3D puff design.

We accept orders in all possible picture formats and orders are delivered as per the choice and machine compatibility of customers. However, we encourage our customers to deliver their artwork in JPEG format, as this is the most machine compatible format and also doesn’t take too much space. Moreover, customers are advised to submit only high-resolution artwork so that we can have all details and complexities preserve in finalized digitization product. All design specifications are complete followed together with the preservation of all complexities and subtle curves in 3D puff digitization.

Digitizing at incredible low pricing

What really make us standout among the crowd is our sheer commitment and passion to deliver nothing but the best results each and every time. We strive for excellence in all of our projects and offer full value of money. Also, we have the most market competitive pricing for all our 3D puff digitization services. This is actually our way to encourage new startups to join the cadre of 3D puff digitization and explore unlimited opportunities that it presents in today’s business environment.

Get in touch with our customer service representative today to know more about our services in 3D puff digitization. We also encourage you to ask any order related queries through our online contact form. We will be more than happy to answer your queries any time.