Dentistry For Non-Professionals

  • Why Do Some Patients Choose Zirconia Dental Implants?

    10 November 2022

    If you have missing teeth or are expecting to undergo one or more extractions in the future, dental implants can offer the ideal way to maintain your smile and retain the functionality of your natural teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants are drilled into the bone beneath your gums. As such, they offer a permanent solution that feels just like having natural teeth. Most dental implants are made from titanium, and they have been for decades.

  • 4 Reasons to Choose Invisalign

    5 January 2022

    If your teeth are not as straight and even as you would like them to be, there are several ways in which you can adjust them. One option is to have fixed braces, although many people do not like the idea of having brackets and wires attached to their teeth that they cannot remove. Another option is to use Invisalign, which is a method of smile straightening that uses clear, removable plastic aligners to gradually move teeth into a more even alignment.

  • Latest Innovations in Dental Implants

    13 October 2021

    Healthy teeth can make all the difference in today's society, not just for health reasons but also for confidence and self-esteem. Sadly, missing, broken, or decayed teeth have the exact opposite impact because it is difficult to express oneself confidently. However, all is not lost because a dentist can easily restore your confident smile with dental implants. Over the years, dentists have been exploring ways of improving dental implants using technology.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Services: Why Dental Implants Are the Best Choice for Replacing a Missing Tooth

    3 August 2021

    If you have a missing tooth, you can choose to replace it using dentures, bridges, or dental implants. Bridges and dentures are effective, but they cause discomfort and don't fully support the structure of your mouth. Dental implants have become very common because they mimic a natural tooth and are more comfortable than other options. If you have lost a tooth and you are wondering how to replace it, here is why you should replace it with a dental implant:

  • Improving Your Recovery After Dental Implants

    2 August 2021

    When it comes to replacing missing teeth, few procedures are as effective as dental implants. Your dentist puts in the dental implants by making small incisions so they can fuse your new teeth with your jaw bone. As with other forms of surgery, there are ways you can make recovery easier and reduce your chances of infection. Here are some handy tips for healing after your implant treatment. Improve Oral Hydration

  • The Benefits of Choosing Invisalign Braces

    12 July 2021

    Invisalign braces are a great solution for adults who want to straighten their teeth without metal braces. These aligners are created with a series of clear, removable, and comfortable plastic trays that gradually move the teeth into perfect alignment. This article explores some of the reasons Invisalign braces are so popular. They are less conspicuous than traditional braces  Regular braces are big and bulky and can get in the way of a person's daily routine.

  • How to Find a Dental Practice

    8 July 2021

    Whether you have recently moved home or simply fallen off the list of your old dental practice due to non-attendance, you need to find a practice at which you can register and receive treatment. The following tips will help you to find a dental practice for yourself and your family. NHS or Private? Most UK dental practices accept both private and NHS patients. However, many dental practices have a waiting list for NHS patients to register.